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Setup Camera

Q: Initial camera adding fail
Please check the LED status, if the LED is not flashing Green light, please use a paperclip on the reset hole or press the reset button until the LED flashing Green.
Q: Check the camera firmware version
Use a paperclip on the reset hole or press the reset button, if it says “Welcome to 360 Family Security”, it’s using the old firmware. To upgrade the firmware, you need to put the downloaded firmware on a microSD card and reboot the camera. The upgrade is successful if you can hear the camera says “Welcome to 360 Smart Camera”.
Q: Verify the Wi-Fi account and password
Please verify the Wi-Fi account and password first if the camera is unable to connect. Especially spacing and complex symbols.
Q: Check your Wi-Fi router connection
1. Double check if blacklist / whitelist / MAC address filtering has been enabled on your router, you may need to put the camera into the whitelist in order to connect. 2. 360 Smart camera only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel, please make sure you have 2.4GHz Wi-Fi channel enabled on your router. The camera may not be able to connect to your router if the router is set to bridge mode, please try to connect with AP / Router mode. The 360 Smart Camera works with dynamic IP, it will not work if your network requires static IP address. The 360 Smart Camera supports WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryption, we’re not supporting WPA / WPA2 Enterprise encryption at the moment.
Q: What should I do when the 360 Smart Camera goes offline?
1. Please check if the power supply and the network status is normal, try to replace the power cable or reconnect to the network again. 2. Try to unplug the power cable or reset the camera.

Memory Card

Q: How to use the Memory Card card to record videos?
In order to use the Memory Card card to record videos, you’ll need software version or above, with firmware version 2.3.20 or above. Just put in the Memory Card card as the photo below.
Q: What type of card does the 360 Smart Camera supports?
Speed: Class 4 or above Capacity: 4GB to 32GB Type: Memory Card Format: FAT32
Q: Do I have to put the Memory Card card to my PC to watch the recorded videos?
You can always use the mobile APP to watch the recorded videos, try to look for the “Storage card videos” under the “Playback” tab.
Q: Can I choose the recording quality?
Yes, the recording quality is actually the sync with the real time monitoring quality, you can change the quality here to match your need.
Q: What is the recording location of the videos in the Memory Card card? All the videos will under the 360Cam folder. The videos of the day will be stored under the recording date folder (e.g. 2015-04-19), and each video will be 1 hour long.
Q: Will the audio be recorded?
Yes, the audio will be recorded automatically except when conversation function being used.
Q: The memory card getting very hot when unplugged from the camera, will it damage my card?
It’s normal for the card getting hot when recording, we’ve done a lot tests to make sure the temperature is within the safety limit.
Q: Will the recording stop when the card is full?
No, when the card is full, it’ll start deleting the oldest videos to make rooms for new recordings.
Q: The App indicates “Unable to find TF card”
Please make sure the card is in FAT32 or exFAT format, and try to replug the power cord to reboot the camera.
Q: Does the camera need to be online in order to record?
The camera will need to connect to the internet to begin first time recording, once recording started, the recording will continue no matter it’s online or offline.
Q: My PC prompt me to fix the storage card
In this rare situation, please click the fix button.

The 360 Smart Camera Function

Q: What can the 360 Smart Camera Do?
360 Smart Camera connects to your Wi-Fi network, allows you to check what’s happening remotely by using the mobile app anytime, anywhere. The 360 Smart Camera supports two-way voice communication and share your videos with your family. The night vision version also includes infrared sensor to let you see in the dark, gives you a 24-hour safety in mind.

The Night Vision Function

Q: How good is the infrared night vision of 360 Smart Camera?
1. By using 9 infrared LED lamps at 940nm wavelength, it won’t be visible by human eye at night. Each LED lamp uses 14um large LED, which is larger than traditional LED lamp by 36.1%, the lighting range can up to 7m. Each LED lamp has a 100 degree lighting angle, enable a smooth and balance lighting performance.

Other Questions

Q: Do we need an account to use 360 Smart Camera?
Yes, you’ll need to register an account to use 360 Smart Camera, and for the sake of security, there is only one account for each 360 Smart Camera. If you need to share your camera with family members, you can select“Sharing” under the camera admin tab. After installing the App, they can“Accept invitation” and viewing the shared camera. Note that they can only view the camera but not do any admin settings.
Q: Does it need network to work with?
Yes, 360 Smart Camera will need internet access to function. While the camera and the mobile phone do not need to be in the same network, they can still be connected by internet.
Q: Does the 360 Smart Camera include built-in battery?
No, it doesn’t come with built-in battery. There is a 2.5m long USB cable and power adapter included in the package for power supply. You can even use power bank to provide power to the camera in case there’s not wall plug nearby.
Q: How secure does the 360 Smart Camera?
1. We protect the user identity by using HTTPS to connect between the camera, the App and the server. 2. The video stream is protected by using encrypted protocol, even hacker intercept the stream, they can only read the encrypted data. We separate the user identity and video stream into different data steam to enhance security. We have years of experience on data security, provide a banking level of data protection.
Q: What kind of mobile system does 360 Smart Camera supports?
360 Smart Camera supports devices running iOS 7.0 or above ; Android 4.0 or above.